Are you looking for a game you can play with your kids, but tired of letting them win to avoid hysteria? Why not go to Rimembor and play together against the evil hordes. Winning and losing will become a shared experience and I promise you it will be fun and challenging for all, be you tall or small.

The players work together as a group of heroic adventurers in the Realm of Rimembor. The Wizard King with the memorable name of "Ignor Forhgot" - among friends called "I. Forhgot" - has returned from the place where Wizard Kings go. And once again he has been sending evil minions to plague the local settlements. The players have volunteered to enter the dungeons of Forhgot to find and slay his generals and end his menace.

Lars Nielsen



The Realm of Rimembor was designed by Lars Nielsen, who created the basic game The Beginning for his daughter when she was 5 years old. It was originally designed to be played cooperatively with his kid using the memory/matching pairs mechanic, one of the first game mechanics children learn. However, the fun of it quickly required expansions to be made to add on new challenges, treasure and loot.

And soon it migrated into the claws of the grownups' gaming group. It is now playable for grownups, friends, foes and with or without their family.

And through endless hours of testing, hundreds of monsters have been vanquished and countless puzzels, traps and challenges have been solved in order to get hands on the legendary loot of Rimembor.

The game is a working prototype and is currently available from the Game Crafter.


Graphical design by Lars Nielsen. Map art, dungeon scenery and backgrounds were created using Incarnate Pro.

Character and Item illustrations are a mix of extended license art assets from Dreamstime and artwork by Lars Nielsen.